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private tutoring

Rebecca has been tutoring since 2004. She started her journey tutoring math after graduating high school as Valedictorian, and friends of hers who were a few years younger were frustrated that their teacher wasn't investing time into her students to really make sure they were getting it. As a result, the students were lost and on their own. Her friends reached out to her for help.

During her first year of college, Rebecca was tutoring every day, helping kids do and understand their homework. She was hired by her alma mater to tutor special needs students and students whose parents had reached out to the school for help. That turned into a lifetime passion to help kids everywhere excel. She has tutored students from 5 years old, in reading and writing, to 11th-grade Algebra II. After graduating college and working two years in loan servicing to pay off her student debt, Rebecca became a teacher. Rebecca has taught 6th-grade McGraw/Hill math, 7th-grade McGraw/Hill Pre-Algebra, 8th-grade and 11th-grade U.S. History, 9th-grade Geography, 10th-grade World History (her favorite), 12th-grade Government, junior high and high school choir, Life Skills, and even P.E. due to her experience in the Navy and some college classes. Rebecca also was a substitute teacher in both California and Texas. She has subbed from kindergarten special needs classes all the way to 12th-grade in various subjects, including Geometry and Algebra II. She likes sticking mostly to ELA, history, and math. Rebecca has a passion for teaching proper English, developing writing skills, and helping kids understand history and math. She has tutored privately elementary math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, World History, U.S. History, ELA, and Spanish I, as well as private voice lessons. To read about Rebecca's experience as a singer, click here.

Rebecca is currently offering summer learning loss prevention classes for second and third graders. These students were in kindergarten during the COVID lockdown and suffered tremendously in their reading and writing skills. While Rebecca was a sub, she noticed how much the schools were not doing enough to catch their students up in their reading skills. She taught second and third graders who still could not read, write, or add, and the teachers were already teaching subtraction! In the classroom, the students use apps that read to them, and since they are past the age of learning phonics, they are being taught, at their grade level, grammar and spelling rules without being able to read the words! Rebecca will be offering summer classes up to 8 students in size, Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. To book a class with Rebecca, you can call/text her at 714-679-7229, or email her at Summer learning loss is a real thing. Don't let it happen to your child!

Enroll in Learning Loss Prevention Summer School!

Special 6-week sessions for 2nd and 3rd grades only:

Class A

July 6 - August 19

Monday - Friday, 10 am - 12 pm

Class B

July 6 - August 19

Monday - Friday, 2 pm - 4 pm

Classes will cover reading, writing, and arithmetic. Students will get stretch and potty breaks between each subject matter.

Cost: $200

E-mail to book your child in one of the classes. Just state which class you want your child in, Class A or Class B, and we will let you know if the class is accepting new students. Only 8 students per class! Don't forget to include your child's name, your name, and a list of the people authorized to pick up your child.

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